have you come to know?!

To know: “A deep awareness emanating from the spirit of a person that confers on his entire being the remits of reality with respect to the thing/subject/person/sphere he has this kind of knowledge of…”

I know there is only one God and I am with Him…He is for me! I know there is only one Lord and I am in Him; He is in me! All things bow at the mention of His name; this authority is greatly magnified in my lips!

I know I am a child of God; a citizen of Heaven; a partner with the Holy Spirit in executing His Majesty’s agenda here on earth. To this revelation, I have fully awakened to. Hallelujah!

I walk in the sublime consciousness of the Fatherhood of God. I walk in the light of the Lordship of Jesus. I walk in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The Grace of God continually overwhelms me; I stand overwhelmed by His Love and Mercy! I call Him Faithful and True! I call Him Almighty God! Hallelujah!

I make known, to all men, the sweet fragrance of His beautiful counsels! I am propelled in zeal by the power of His Love at work in me! I am more than a conqueror…in all things, my heart stands truly unafraid…the joy of my King and His unsounded peace garrisons my heart all the time! I have set the Lord my God continually before me; because He is at my right hand I cannot be moved!

I have come to know these realities…in the light of fellowship with the Holy Spirit in His Word!

Glory to God!

O dear reader, have you come to know?!


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