1 Peter

the end reward of our faith in God…

Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls. [I Peter 1:9]

This flows from and concludes the previous verses we studied that touched on the pillars of salvation. We have understood now the entire gamut of the word – Salvation. Here, it is referring to the present tense reality of its workings. Its ongoing workings…”the salvation of your souls”.

Let us define the soul classically as the “mind, emotions and will” of a man. Here we highlight the transforming power of the Word of God to renew our minds, temper our emotions and redirect our will. This is how the expressions of a man can be truly transformed to reflect the themes and fragrances of Divinity. Nothing changes a man like the Word of God does! Psalms 19

It is a walk and transformation of Grace through faith. For it is by faith that we connect to and appropriate the realities of Grace unveiled in the Word of Truth. It is by Faith that we reckon the realities of our divine birth and position in Christ and yield ourselves unreservedly to the tutelage of the Holy Spirit. It is Faith that causes us to walk propelled by His Love, strengthened by His power and rooted in His convictions. It is faith that has birthed us and positioned us in this world of UNlimited possibilities! It is faith that saves our souls!

We have come to know that it is the reckonings by Faith, of the substance and communications of Grace that causes a man to come alive to the higher divine themes. This is what opens up a man to embrace and realize the full load of salvation…this is how a person gets born again…and this is how we shall be renewed in our minds by the power of His Word…this is how we continue in this path of glory…until we receive the penultimate consummation of our calling….even the “salvation of our souls!”



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