1 Peter

wherein we greatly rejoice…

Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: [1 Peter 1:6]

We always joy in the realities of the kingdom of light. We always remind ourselves of the arms into which we have run…how strong! how loving! In this journey we call life today, we have cloaked ourselves with the armor of light and rallied our strength to execute the bidding of our liege Lord. We rejoice greatly in our present estate as we have come to know in Christ.

We reckon also the many incursions of the darkness of this world on our terrain. We see too many of our blood kin wrestle with “heaviness through many temptations”. But we know it is for only a season.

The tides of grief will pass and the darkness of myriad temptations will recede with it. Today, we must suffer it to be so for now. Today, we must subdue it with the force of righteousness. It shall not be so forever. For the time shall come when all of darkness shall be utterly defeated and the Sun of Righteousness shall rule in all His strength.

We endure and overcome spells of heaviness today. We take advantage of such detours and build character and strengthen principles. We know that we shall stand with our Lord at the last day victorious. Therefore, we greatly rejoice! Through it all, our hearts are garrisoned by His joy and peace! In the deepest valley…in darkest night…even now for this season…we rest in the surety of His salvation and have made our abode in the presence of the Prince of Peace!



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