Every Day…

Dearly Beloved,

Every day, may you be drawn much more to the yearnings of the Father’s heart for the salvation of man; for even today Adam and the new creation in Christ still stand in need of supply – the one to embrace anew salvation as it is found in Christ, the other to grow up in the divine life unto maturity. Will your heart be fully awakened to the throbbing of the Father’s love? May you offer up yourselves at his feet…a sweet smelling offering; a token of your devotion to the agenda of Heaven!

Child of God, be stirred up with desire to see the fullness of salvation come in! Be zealous for the fullness of the gentile harvest to be drawn in. Constantly lift up in prayer the entire body of Christ…that all of us may come to the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ! Always walk with the consciousness of His imminent return in your hearts and mind. Let it be desire to see the seals on the scrolls broken and the tsunami of prophecy released to sweep the entire history of man into the Second Advent. Selah. Selah! O beloved of God! May your heart burn unquenchable with these desires!

I see you consumed fully by the love of God!
I see you at rest in the arms of Boundless Love!
I can tell your love and devotion for the King!
How beautifully radiant your face is because you have desired and fellowshipped and are now transformed by the power of God! You are a burning light…shining to dispel the darkness and raise the banners of the kingdom in triumph over the hearts and minds of many! Glory to God!

The sweet fragrance of His light has come to linger in your spirit.
Every day you are perfumed by His Love; it is a constant reminder of the vitality of your union in Christ!
Your consciousness can never forget…for beyond the reach of all that is unacceptable in the Fathers sight, you have been placed!

O child of the Most High God, let us awaken in this light and walk in its heavenly rays!

Glory to God!


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