1 Peter

O what a glorious ministry of the Helper to us…and in us!

I Peter 1:2 KJV – Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.

3. “through sanctification of the Spirit”

This refers to the work of the Holy Spirit in the new birth and in renewing our minds unto transformation. It is a work of purification. First of our spirits, and then our minds, emotions and will…and then ultimately of our physical bodies and the physical created order. This spells out the entire gamut of salvation. The ministry of the Holy Spirit in every phase is most crucial.

It is the ministry of the Holy Spirit to communicate to us all of the Lord Jesus Christ as He is seated on the throne of power today. This I believe is His cardinal duty. For how else can Adam come be found in Christ but by the visions of the Spirit ministered to him…making him see and come alive to the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus…making him confess, having believed into the Truth, Jesus Christ as His Lord.

How else can the babe in Christ grow up into maturity but by the ministration of the Word of His Grace which is able to build us up…positioning us rightly and sculpting us to perfection until we express comprehensively the firstborn.

How else can we walk in the full manifestation of our holy and righteous station but by awakening to righteousness and by hating iniquity and by having the hope of maranatha in our hearts…themes that make the volumes of the glorious ministry of the Holy Spirit to us…and in us! Selah.. I Corinthians 15:34. Hebrews 1:8.9. I John 3:1-3.

The work of sanctification chips imperfection out of us until we are the masterpiece sculptures that satisfy His original intent. Selah. Let us not resist the workings of the Helper is us. Let us avail ourselves without holding back unto the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit!

Thank you Dear Helper, for your sanctifying ministry in us!


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