1 Peter

First book of Peter: explore with us the brilliance revealed…

Any study into the mind of God will reveal such soundless depths to explore that it will seem almost impossible for any man to truly become intimately acquainted with the “full load of Deity”. I believe such an expression is only natural. I believe such a posturing must be tempered with the higher reality that the new creation’s spirit has been such designed: endowed with capacity to house the fullness of the divine mind unveiled. Selah

Thus it is only a consequence to say that there is no Truth too high for the new man to grasp. No subject too enlightened for him to see…no mystery too hidden and beyond unveiling. Such ought to be our posturing with regards to the Divine Writ. This is how we must explore the sacred pages in His sublime light.

There is a school of the Spirit. One whose attendants have been ushered into the reality of the Teacher…the glorious Holy Spirit! To such initiated, the truths made light in this volume will abound unto edification. Selah.

A young man once entered a quest. His objective was to find the school that embodied the epitome of true enlightenment. To find the school whose wisdom surpassed all others; whose principles where immune to the savage ravages of time…a school whose methods were impregnable to inconsistency and steadfast as channels cast in monolithic stone. Such a school must exist…he mused. This young one searched with all alacrity. His journeys took him through the marbled ivory towers of the philosophies of men. Impressive they were but they held too much gaps in their knowledge and too much uncertainty in their core principles. Where could he find such a school? Many are still searching today. Are you? Have you found Him?

I say that such a place could only be found in the Higher School of the Spirit!

Humanity has paid enough exaltation only to its intellect. The times now demand a new emphasis.
There must of necessity be a shift in the “enclaves of enquiry” man searches. I propose that such a shift be from the “flesh ruled realm of the senses” to the “word ruled realm of the spirit”! I propose that man must needs awaken to the reality of God and the mystery of the Lord Jesus Christ. The needle points to the realm of the spirit! It is only therein that we can truly come to embrace all the fullness of Truth.

It is in the brilliance of this light that we open up another divine discourse on the volumes of spiritual realities revealed in the first book of Peter. May His countenance shine brightest upon your face as we study!



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