we are His….He is our Beloved!

Utmost loyalty to the king’s agenda is the ingredient that guards our zeal. We are zealous for the things we are fully persuaded about. We have deemed the course relevant in our eyes; our thoughts, actions and words will not betray us! In the midst of our seemingly constant battle with the senses to define reality…. In this quagmire of tangibility that has made the veiled world of the unseen so unappreciable….we must stand our ground. We must stay our course. The king’s agenda is not one to be taken lightly…..our God is king…we are His people…we are his lords to do his utmost bidding.

We are them that believe in the reality of God’s kingdom….and are moved to function consistent with its blazing agenda. We have etched His words with fire upon our brazen chests….we have chiseled His vision into the tables of our hearts; the blood continually drips a resonance of commitment and loyalty to the Lamb who sits in the midst of the throne of God. We have beheld His Majesty….our souls have come to be consumed by the brightness of His glory and beauty. We are His…..He is our Beloved!

It is the sweetest fragrance of Love to be found locked in eternal embrace with the Father…to walk in the warmth of His care; to know that He loves you unquestionably…such unparalleled certainty….such firmness is the rock on which we stand. In this realm we live; where reality is the absolute and sovereign Word of God. We have willed our all to His utmost desire; we have chosen to live our lives for the King and to bend our knees to the fulfilling of His divine agenda. Today, we are numbered among the Lamb’s Beloved….soon we will be called His Bride! Selah!


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