choices. decisions. convictions. principles.

Life is full of choices. At every turn, at every moment we are faced with the mandate to decide. To make a decision; which road to take? What path to tread? Whom to pay allegiance to? This life is not an event. It is a journey laced with many decisions that will tell the aroma thereof of this transient sojourn.

It is this landscape that calls into question the need for principle. What ideals and convictions govern and under-gird our decisions? What staff of light do we lean on….what wells of truth do we draw from as we make decisions today? Is it Agape? Is it the wisdom of the Holy Spirit? Is it eternally oriented rightly? Is our gaze tunnel visioned by selfishness? How far beyond the horizon do you see with the eyes of faith?

Principle must be delineated first and adhered to with all conviction especially when tested. For then, what is the point? – If principle caves in on itself at the slightest challenge? Principle must be distilled from only one source; it must be planted on only one ground; it must be laid upon only one foundation: the Word of Light as unveiled in Jesus Christ.

What principles have you submitted to? What convictions under-gird your thinking framework?  Are they distilled from Christ? Is it consistent with the revelation of Grace? Is it aligned to the purposes of the Kingdom of Light? I say let us walk in the light of principles distilled from His Word, Kingdom and Lordship. Let us make life’s choices in the Light of His Word!

Do not be swayed by the trinkets of this life. See well! There is something better than swearing allegiance to mammon. See! There is something better than living for yourself! See! Awaken to the Light! Let its pure beams shine the countenance of the King upon your face….let His wisdom be found on your lips…carry the sword of His Word with strength!

Then shall you conquer every adversary. Then shall you shine out the prudency of Wisdom…then “shall you go out with joy,  and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands”. Isaiah 55:12