His Love remains unrelenting!

For many of us, the subject of God’s unrelenting love in His Grace towards us sounds too good to be true. We reject the depths of its reality as false and relegate to the realm of dancing shadows the light it reveals. We sometimes say to ourselves in the derision of doubt: it is not possible. How can His Love be so unconditional…how can He be this unrelenting? But the Truth stands the same – See how He loves us!! Which truth is the thrust of the gospel message at its core: His Love is unconditional…His Love revealed in His Grace towards us is unrelenting! His Love is Stronger! Conquering all!

There is great need that the church today orients its posture aright with respect to the revelation of the mystery of Agape as it is found majestically unveiled in Christ. This is vital to the path of glory the church has been called to trail blaze. There is no iota of doubt in this fact: that the heights to which we take and express the reality of our union with the risen Lord is entirely dependent on the depths of our revelation into His person…the depths of our revelation into His Love. Ephesians 3:19. For indeed, no man can express the themes of the divine life higher than the limits his spirit puts to the revelation of God. Selah

Therefore we must, in the light of this truth, explore all the riches of His Grace and Knowledge as revealed in Jesus Christ. We must see clearly; the immense backdrop is Agape, the soundless depths is Agape, the towering heights is Agape…See how relentless His Love! See! He won’t relent until He has it all! Selah

The journey to full salvation may be fraught with trials. The child of God may feel ill-equipped to deal with the powers that be…the child of God may make mistakes and feel scarred…he may stumble…sometimes fall. In the presence of all these facts, let us remember the immovable foundation upon which we stand and are rooted. Let us not forget! Let us draw strength to conquer every foe, hope to dispel all despair, faith to give life to our fiats…Let us say Glory to God!

The wellspring of His Love never runs dry.
They remain eternally soundless in depths.
Shall we not posture ourselves to be consumed eternally by His Love?
Shall we not abide always in His Love?
Shall our hearts not awaken and echo forever this truth: His Love remains unrelenting!

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