is the Word of God real to you?

For many of us, there still remains a shroud over the question of reality. There seems to be, in the eyes of many Christians, a huge disparity; call it a gulf of inconsistency between the realities of the divine life, as unveiled in the Word, and the “practicality of life” which is the overt tangible theme characteristic of this plane of living.

How is this chasm to be bridged?

For many, this seeming incoherence has evoked a tendency to discount the verities of scripture as unreal and unattainable. This is the posturing assumed by so many that causes them to wrongfully engage the high call in Christ as “an innocuous enterprise”. This stands as one of the reasons why many in the fold of Christendom still have not awakened to the power of the kingdom of Light and the glorious ministry of the Holy Spirit. It is a matter of the reckoning of truth. It is a question of reality.

Reality should not be defined only by the fickle parameters of the five senses. Nay. Reality is essentially spiritual…Reality…Truth is Christ! That which the Word declares about us consistent with the revelation of Christ is true! This is the simplicity in the Gospel. His Word is much more real than anything this our five senses can perceive. His Word is not subject to uncertainty; His Word is not watered down by varying specificities and sensitivities!

Until the child of God learns to shift His framework of references to embrace the spiritual core and basics of reality, the fullness and glorious riches of the call to fellowship in Christ will continue to seem elusive and at best irreconcilable with the “tangible happenings” of this plane of life. We must not suffer this to continue.

In the name of Jesus!

Let us take His Word as it is. Let us connect to the wells of truth located in Him. Let us drink deep with mouths open wide and be filled. Let us truly see Jesus Christ – His Kingdom and Lordship and be filled with Grace and the knowledge of His will as we awaken fully to Reality.



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