Essence of the Season

Musings on the Empty Cross

A traveler chanced upon an impressive monolith
Scarred with inscriptions
Rugged and ravaged by time
Yet Eternally still
Warming the entire gamut of man’s world
Lightening horizons forever 

It is beaten and marred
a fleeting thought said flawed to a point
Yet it has made multitudes faultless
It has brought peace and joy to many
This instrument of death
Is the only vehicle to Life

It tells the story
It recounts the deed
Of Love’s greatest expression
Of Agape’s triumph and victory
Silent echoes for all of eternity
The crown of thorns indeed the Victor’s crown

It stands a monolith
Unmovable in the tidal waves of time
Diverting its flow rightly
Repositioning history to the original eternal agenda
Jesus Christ- His Kingdom and Lordship

It whispers grace to the gentle wind that bathes it
It creeks infinite love to the man who nudges it
It sighs the silent salvos of the kingdom advent
It says to the lost come be found
To the victim come be lifted
To the poor come be loved

I have touched its ancient beams
I have awakened to its power
My identity is in its light
An empty cross
An empty tomb
A vicars suffering once for all time
Humanity’s gain now for all eternity



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