Essence of the Season

the aftermath…

The tomb is empty. The Lord is risen! He is alive and we in Him! As many that confess His Lordship, having believed into the reality of His incarnation and vicarious death for us, experience the spiritual reality of the new birth…born of God…partaker of His life and nature…joint heir with Jesus Christ!

His shed blood accomplished redemption for us; his death sufficed to kill the old man in us…His descent into hell stripped Lucifer off his authority…then He rose up victorious from the grave! And brought “life and immortality to light”!! Glory to God!

Romans 1:4: And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead.

This is the testimony of Scripture!

It is in the power of the resurrection that we find the spark that brought the new creation into being. The resurrection motif highlights the reality of us raised up from the miry pit of death’s belly into the sublime heights of the Father’s embrace…His throne and Grace. It shines out the power of God’s Love – how incessant in pursuit; how steadfast in demonstration….how lofty in its purposes for us!

The reality and fact of His resurrection is the foundation on which our present position as new creations is founded upon. It is the wellspring of Divinity out of which issues all the sublime themes of our calling and position in Christ. Because He rose again, we are truly born of God; we are truly children of the Father of all Lights! Hallelujah!

The resurrection is the glorious light that has traced its mark eternally upon the skies of time…as He was raised so shall we be raised up too at the Second Advent. Selah. It is a faithful testimony to the workings of the Holy Spirit…His divine agenda and invigorating power…the same Spirit who raised up Jesus lives in us…Glory to God!

Today we live in the power of the resurrection. Today we are the people whose bodies are energized by His sublime power…whose minds are steeped in the enlightening fragrance of the power and spirit of the resurrection. I speak here of the man in Christ. I speak here of the new creation who has awakened to the power reposed within him. Selah

There is a theme song to this walk. It is glorious beyond expression. The artists have called it the rhythms of Grace…its melodies are most ethereal. Let us dance always to its tune. Let us walk always in its power. Let us live herein in the aftermath of His accomplishments for us! Hallelujah!


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