Essence of the Season

His Cross actually saved me!

How does the cross of Jesus save us?

The depths to be explored in this subject are soundless. It will take eternity to harness and inexhaustible ink to inscribe. However, here we are…trapped in the remit of time and brazenly seeking to be illumined into a subject whose contents the infinite pages of eternity find exhausting.

I thank God for the power of the Holy Spirit as Teacher and personal instructor into all the Oracles of God. Hallelujah!

First of all we must recognize the incontestable fact that indeed His cross actually saved us…or to bring it down to a more personal note…His cross actually saved me! To reckon this Truth is to knock on and open up the door that unveils the question: “what is the gamut of His cross’s saving power?”
In other words, when I look at Jesus and His work on the cross for me, what do I see and reckon as done on my behalf? What are the boundaries of “save” in this context?

Let us receive categorical answers here.

His cross saved us: 
By putting to death Adam; that is, the sin nature inherited from Adam.

The cross by putting to death Adam’s substitute executed to the letter, Heaven’s judgment on apostate man – Adam. The claims of justice Divinity had held over Adam was satisfied when the man Jesus was put to death (and spiritual suffering before its culmination in death) on the cross.

The backdrop is eternity; that righteousness should become sin and carry the sins of the whole world and suffer! – within time – the scourge of Divinity’s wrath against sin amounts to a sacrifice whose silent screams and dark smokes pierces and rises from eternity to eternity.

Therefore Jesus’s spiritual sufferings on the cross – within time – sufficed for an eternal sacrifice. For righteousness to suffer and become sin for even a moment in time is equitable to righteousness suffering sin for eternity. Selah

In the annals of the heavenly courts, we have died…in Him. I died in Him! The divine claims of justice were satisfied. God did not sacrifice principle for expediency. He upheld principle even to His own hurt. Love did not turn away from justice but functioned consistently with Justice when He looked away at His only Begotten – turned sin – and refused to incline His ears unto the cry emanating from the battered lips of the Beloved…“my Father, why has thou forsaken me!”

This was done for me. He suffered for me. I have suffered in Him.
I am saved by Him…in Him!



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