have you awakened to the mystery of redemption?

Man fell from the word ruled realm of the spirit to the flesh ruled realm of the senses. His life and nature was corrupted and became sin. He, in the realm of the senses became alienated from the life of God and he became a slave to sin and darkness. In this state Lucifer usurped mans authority and used it to work in him all forms of concupiscence….Adam had fallen and was on the path to destruction by the fierce and just wrath of almighty and righteous God.

Adam could only be ransomed back to the plans and purposes of God if the price was paid. The offence was against deity. The ransom was to be paid to deity. The ransom will suffice to get Adam back into deity’s plans and purposes. This outlines the remit of redemption.

The price was that of the blood of a sinless man. Offered for the remission of Adam’s sin in the heavenly holy of holies. This price seemed at first impossible to pay as there was no man who was sinless because all were born into sin. Sin was the nature of Adam. But thanks be to God for the miracle of the incarnation; for the son was sent in the likeness of sinful flesh but was not partaker of that nature…the son was Him who had “no sin”.

Jesus died on the cross. His blood was shed and eternally accepted in the heavenly holy of holies for the redemption of Adam. Note this – the blood of Jesus has bought the whole race of Adam and the worlds under his influence. This is partly the reason why at the end, his judgements shall be just and his lordship unquestioned….when all would have understood this! Selah.

His blood was NOT shed to REDEEM THE CHURCH. NAY. The blood was for the redemption of Adam from the curse of Gods just wrath and judgement! That is why today, under this glorious dispensation of grace II Corinthians 5:19 is true: not imputing their trespasses unto them…
The blood being accepted sufficed in getting Adam reconciled back into Deity’s plans and purposes.

To establish Adam into God’s eternal purposes; it was necessary that his life and nature be completely overhauled….the man redeemed by the blood of Jesus died in Christ and ceased to exist…thus putting an end to his nature of sin and freeing him from the tyranny of the influence of sin and death. Then by the miracle of the resurrection the new creation was brought forth; whom is the member of the church.

The church of the first born was NOT redeemed because it was never at variance with the plans and purposes of God or in bondage to Lucifer, sin or death. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ was not redeemed….it came into being, born of God, by the spirit of Holiness, by the resurrection of the firstborn from the dead. This is the mystery alluded to in John 2:19-22 unveiled! Selah. This is the background to the reality we confess today concerning the church of Jesus and redemption.

For the new creation, the crux of subsequent referrals to redemption and having being bought is with the assumption that the spiritual background unveiled above has been properly understood. He seeks to draw from that background the foundation for the child of God to yield utterly to the Lord Jesus Christ. To yield utterly to the sovereignty of His Word with respect to themes such as righteousness and holiness. He seeks to drown selfishness into the soundless depths of loyalty, allegiance and agape to the one who loves us and washed us in His blood…the one who bought us to Himself….the one who by right owns us (as much as He owns the fallen world of Adam) and yet has left us to willingly give our all to Him…the Lord Jesus Christ! Selah.

The new creation ought to understand this…as the purchased Adam has still not!.. The preaching of the gospel today is to get Adam to awaken to this reality and by corollary yield himself to the Lordship of Jesus and be born again.



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