Substance. Effect. Embodiment.

In substance the gospel is Grace. God’s favor and ability expressed in love to lift man from the nature, realm and path of sin into the divine life, realm and inheritance. The gospel is the message specifically highlighting these themes. It categorically says that all that man needs to be right with God and partake in His nature and function in the realm of divinity has been FREELY made available in Christ. This Jesus is the central theme of the gospel message. First of all in His incarnation and earthly ministry.

That God was manifest in the flesh to be man’s sacrifice. For Adam’s transgression made the entire race of man enemy to the Divine Government. Adam is separated from God. Adam is set on the path to utter destruction. This is the judgment pronounced from the lips of the Divine Judge himself. In the eyes of God…before the Holy See, Adam is for one thing only – utter destruction. This Jesus came to be “destroyed” in the place of Adam as his very legal substitute.

Thus we see the Gospel proclaiming the vicarious death of Jesus for all humanity. He who died, died for all that all may be considered dead in Him…this the Holy Scriptures proclaims unequivocally. This is the Gospel! That God should give His only son to be the representative of Adam…that He may receive in his person the just wrath and destruction pronounced by divinity…in the stead of man.

The gospel does not end there. It proclaims the reality of this Jesus’s vicarious death, then takes us to hell to see his actual triumph over the one called Lucifer. That prince of darkness who usurped the throne of fallen Adam and used his authority to wrought such concupiscence in the realm of man. The gospel proclaims that this Jesus stripped Lucifer off all authority and power and defeated him…making an open show of him publicly! The gospel still speaks on. It says this Jesus did not stay dead! But He rose! The firstborn from spiritual death. Born again of the Spirit….declared to be the son of God in all demonstration of the workings of the Holy Spirit. Raised up that he may bring into reality a new order….a new kind of man. The new creation. This is the gospel!

The new creation is not a slave to sin, Lucifer or darkness. He is righteousness personified. Born of the very God and Creator of the heavens and earth…partaker of his life and nature…possessed of the Holy Spirit…he calls the creator and possessor of the heavens and earth Father! Abba! Source of all supply! O boy! This is the gospel! It is the communication of such divine verities. It is the only truly lifting power!

In effect…the gospel is that message that creates the new creation. It is that word that causes his mind to be renewed to think like and speak like and function like the firstborn. It is the gospel that causes the New Creation to posture himself aright as the heir of all things in Christ Jesus! It is the gospel that unveils to the new creation the Lordship and kingdom of Jesus Christ. It sounds the infinite depths of Agape and proclaims without qualification the infinite ability of Grace to perform! With no caveats! No buts! No ifs! No maybes! This is the gospel. Anchored in the certainty of Grace unlimited and Agape unconquerable!

In embodiment…the gospel is the King. It is Christ…God’s grand eternal agenda…and His Bride, the Church. It is Jesus Christ! How I love to speak His name. His Lordship and Kingdom. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Faithful and True Witness. The possessor of my soul. My truest Love. My High priest and Advocate. Jesus. The One in whom all things shall be gathered into…the Eternal King!



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