What is our Quest?

The quest really ought to be one of Influence.
How much of it is wielded and exerted for the cause of Christ?
How many do we touch with the Light of the reality of the risen Lord?
I say this needs to be our objective

To influence the thinking of men with the Gospel of Christ;
To lead multitudes to yield to the sovereignty of Light;
To cause the hearts of men to be led by the Lordship of Agape;
To inscribe with Light, the Word of His Grace, on the hearts and minds of men!

This is the lofty call we must heed
This is the heavenly vision we must not turn away from
For to bring His influence to bear and prevail upon the hearts of men
Is the highest and most priceless currency of value to pursue!

His grace ever abounds unto all sufficiency!
His wisdom is constantly our guide
His Voice always cheers on before the clouds of many witnesses
Let us run this race to apprehend the prize
Even Jesus!

Glory to God!



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