Should the new creation be concerned about ancestral curses?

Well, I will only concede the relevance of this question on the fact that too many, of the fold of the Church, spend too much passion in prayer “breaking such curses” that it beggars an answer.
Like any question of significant import, we must establish the enclave of enquiry within which the answer to the question will be delineated.

The framework is simple:
1. The reality of the new birth in Christ
2. The reality to the new creation of this new identity and position in Christ
3. The reality of the Fatherhood of God
4. The reality of the Family of God

Reality is not defined by the fickle dimensions of the sense realm. Reality must be defined by a more “unchanging” dimension. I say Reality is in essence, spiritual. Reality is Christ. That is all things we are in Christ is reality…meaning we can depend and act on those treasures we find in Him as much as we can the physical realities we touch, see, smell and hear. Praise God!

The “old man” was redeemed. That nature of sin inherited from Adam was put to death in Jesus. And then by the miracle of the resurrection from the dead, the new creation was birthed. The new creation is not the old man redeemed. Selah

The “old man” was a slave to sin. Romans 6: 6b, 16, 17. And therefore he was slave to the devil and a victim of curses. This man was redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ; and then put to death by the death of the man Jesus. Romans 6:6-11. By the old man’s death, sin in him was destroyed; and by extension every claim of the devil’s influence on him as well. Selah.

Then by the resurrection of the firstborn Jesus Christ, the new creation was born…not as a repackaging of the old man….nay! But new! Entirely so! Therefore if any man be Christ, he is a new creation. Old things HAVE PASSED AWAY (jettisoned into oblivion that is rendered null and void!); behold ALL THINGS HAVE BECOME NEW! Selah!

Of the above realities brought to light, it remains, for many of God’s people to awaken today. That is the crux of the need for “revival” in our day! Too many of the children of light are asleep in the light. Their consciousness is in stupor; their minds dull at best. They have yet to acknowledge these divine realities and therefore they have not properly postured themselves rightly to consistently express these themes tangibly.

The Spirit whispers to their hearts Awaken! Till the new creation has his mind renewed to embrace as reality these truths of who he really is, seemingly relevant questions like whether or not ancestral curses (in the old line of his physical lineage) will continue to bear sway in his worldview. Enough of this already!

Let us awaken to righteousness (I Corinthians 15:34); let us awaken to the light (I Thessalonians 5:4-6)…even the light shining in the face of our Lord Jesus Christ! Which Light brings us into the reality of the Fatherhood of God (now I truly trace my ancestral lineage from the firstborn Jesus Christ!); and the Lordship of Jesus (now I belong to His kingdom. I call Him my Lord!); and the tutelage of the Holy Spirit (of which the volumes on this theme are inexhaustible!). Let us awaken!

How come is it that for many new creation’s, the Fatherhood of God is not as real to them as the fatherhood of their earthly fathers. Why is it that for many in the church today, to say that I am an African or American or European registers more meaning to their minds; and commands their expressions reality more than the heavenly truth that I am born of God, I am a member of His household, I am a member of his governing assembly…His ecclesia! I am a citizen of Zion! Phillipians 3:20a. How come this observation is ubiquitous in the body of Christ today? The need for awakening is universal! We must heed the instruction in Philemon 6! Selah

Having explored all these themes the answer is crystal clear: No! The new creation is not under an ancestral curse. But I must say this. The answer is only tangibly so, when the new creation accepts the plain testimony of the Word of His Grace without ifs, ands or buts! Glory to God!

May His Wisdom be our light. May we see as He wants us to see and embrace fully the whole Truth!



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