when life tests our convictions….

What is the essence of faith that fears to move mountains?
What is the purpose of power that has no adversity to subdue?
What is the purpose of Love without an object of Love to draw out its limits?

These are the key questions life will throw at you. For this journey is full of trials and temptations that will ask you: What is the substance and fundamental conviction you believe in?

This life will test those convictions with a rigorousness seemingly rigged just right, to make you vacillate and doubt. But the secret to success is to stand your ground. You must remain unmoved. Unshaken. Firm in the confession that none of these things move you! You must remain firm in Christ!

Such is the trials that we must face and conquer.

I believe that in the darkest situations we face, there is always a silver lining. There is always a horizon of advantage. The objective of every trial is to learn to see and grasp and be planted on this plane of advantage. It is to learn to abound when you have nothing….to learn to hope when surrounded by despair….to learn to declare faith when the icy hands of doubt seem to grip your very heart. You must learn. For it is the only how to prevail.

Joy. Peace. Equanimity. These are the heavenly fruits the victor is rewarded with. For when we rise out of the ashes of the dead conflagration, we affirm our position as “more than conquerors”. We look back and say to adversity…” Boy! Is that all you got?! You couldn’t even scratch me!” Glory to God!

We learn to fill our hearts with mirth. We learn to draw all we need from His wells of salvation. We learn to speak peace and calm the raging storms. We learn to walk on water. We learn to command demons to silence. We learn to resist Lucifer. We learn to walk fully adorned in the colours of the Kingdom and Lordship of Jesus. We learn to walk in the instruction and power of the Holy Spirit.

Grace is for us! I have heard the Father declare it. Peace is for us. We are for signs and wonders and miracles. For we are of the stock and scion of Divinity.

I will walk this path in this life.
I will reach its end.
I will see the Maker of my Paths
And I will bow my knees in all reverence to my Liege.



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