There is the call of Wisdom to heed. A higher motif for this evanescent sojourn. I realize that we must free ourselves to drink of this pool of Wisdom. Therein lies true satisfaction and fulfillment.

Why must we make mundane the purpose and legacy of our being-here in a place and time like this; by constantly seeking the humdrum themes of baser purposes?. I resign from all such pursuits hence.
I will train myself to subdue and rule those baser instincts that make a man insignificant….almost a blip in the universe’s radar. I will position myself rightly to be of eternal significance.

I will aspire to higher themes. I will make my repose in rarified plains of thought and realms of living that befit the crown bestowed on man.
I resolve to pursue such ideals and bring the ethereal light as I may come to bask in to my fellow earthly sojourners that they too may awaken and live. For the call is to highest fellowship with the Prince of Light Himself! To discover all the riches of Truth that are unveiled in the light of Jesus Christ!

I make this resolve in the name of Jesus!
I will not be held back by the inertia of wrong traditions.
I will not be stymied by apathy; I refuse to drown in the quagmire of vanity!
I choose to live in the light of the King Jesus Christ!
I resolve to walk in fullest fellowship with the Holy Spirit!

God is my Helper!



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