Ideas from the Divine discourse…

Ideas are powerful especially so when distilled from a powerful source.
An idea born and distilled from the essence of Christ is endowed with power to transform.
When such an idea is communicated with the power of the Holy Spirit, it becomes a vehicle that transports the higher verities of the kingdom of light into the hearts and minds of willing persons.

What ideas have you distilled from the divine discourse?

I have observed this; the time spent in communion with a great mind always rubs off on the lesser mind. There is such a thing as fellowship where there is a mixing of two minds unto amalgamated oneness…where the effect is a rubbing off…a lifting! The effect on the long term is an indelible transformation. This “effect” is the highlight of our fellowship with the “mind of God” in the Word of His Grace! Glory! Glory to God!

It is in such an arena of Light that we discover the worth of such divine ideas as Love, Justice, Purpose, Power and Fellowship. It is as we wander in that infinite enclave of wonder that we stumble on the idea of sonship in Christ…of thrones awaiting us to take…of eternity and the call to rule with the firstborn!
Glorious Ideas! Heavenly ideas!

Beautiful unto transformation beyond description! 



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