we forget what we have in our hands

Many times, we forget what we have in our hands. Like Moses, we sometimes find ourselves standing at the red sea quivering in uncertainty as we look behind and see the vanguard of death and destruction and look ahead and see the horizon of the vast seas. We question the wisdom of His Voice in leading our path to this seeming impasse. We fret as we feel our heart give in to fear. What shall I do?

All it seems we have, like Moses, is the revelation and Voice of YHWH…tangibly so; all we possess is the staff in our hand. What should I do? We raise our voice towards our Liege and hear Him retort at once – “why do you cry to me? Move forward!!”

Forward is the soundless depths of the sea raging with the certainty of destruction. Hissing with alacrity to devour and imprison in its watery bowels any who dare step out into its enclave. Yet, He says … “move forward!”

Then He whispers “what do you have in your hands?”
“Stretch forth your hands over the waters and divide it!”
O boy! What a Word! It stirs up the embers of dying faith in our hearts into leaps of uncontrollable fire. It is opportunity to put on display the magnificent power of the Lord Most High…whose we are and whom we serve…Opportunity to step out of the boat and walk on the water!

In those moments, let us respond with a resounding “Yes Lord”! Let us say “yes and Amen!”

To every obstacle standing in your way, hear the Spirit’s Voice and declare the same! For this long has it taunted you but hitherto no more! Take hold of the staff of Light even the Word of God; and let it come alive on your lips…let the mountains be pulled down and the valleys be exalted and the walls of fear and impossibility be razed down!

Let us not forget what we hold in our hands! Let us not forget the living word alive on our lips! Let us dare wield the sword of the spirit and see the waters divide…let us see the walls crumble…let us experience the waters congeal beneath our feet as we walk on its raging belly!



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