…abound in the fragrance of thanksgiving always!

Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving; [Colossians 4:2]

I pay heed to this admonition. I continue in prayer and watch in the same with Thanksgiving. When I lift up my petition to the Father, I know He hears me. I know His answer to me is Yea and Amen in Christ. As I wait to see the tangible expression of the answer displayed, I watch in the same with Thanksgiving. For abounding in thanks is the testimony of the lips of faith. Faith has reckoned the Reality received and therefore abounds in Thanksgiving to the Father for the supply already poured out.

Prayer is the call to the depths of fellowship with the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit. It is a call to speak with Him and hear Him speak back to us. It is an invitation to align our minds, will and emotions with Perfection Himself! The staggering loftiness of it thereof! What an opportunity!

We open up our lips in prayer and find words inspired of the Spirit gushing out; it is words of praise and worship and thanksgiving to Him alone who is worthy. It is lifting up holy hands and seeing the pure incense of prayer rise…it is lifting up the calves of our lips and exalting the will of Infinite Wisdom above all else. Prayer becomes the bond with Deity that brings passion to our union with Him.

…and we abound in the same with thanksgiving! As we have whispered in His presence the Maranatha motif, we wait and abound in thanksgiving. As we have moaned the prophecy foretold corruptions in the body, we abound in thanksgiving waiting for His parousia that shall bring the consummation of our salvation… as we have leaned in closest in prayer and heard Him speak “occupy till I come”…we abound in the same with thanksgiving; walking today in the full armour of light, breaking the chains of darkness, lifting multitudes into the sublime realm of light, telling it faithfully as His stewards- this gospel of the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus.

We watch in the same in prayer…abounding in the fragrance of thanksgiving always!


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