The Lordship of Jesus Christ

There is one person who commands all authority in the worlds. There is one name that commands all authority in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth. There is one name to which all things respond to in obedience. There is one throne that is greatly exalted above all others… His name is Jesus Christ! His throne is that of God! He is God shrouded in humanity! He is the head of the church which is His body, to whom He has given all things!
Jesus Christ! What a beautiful name!!!

He is King! He is Lord! His person embodies the essence in power and authority of the kingdom of Heaven as it has visited this earth! He is the sovereign owner of all things and He has ability to give such to any one he pleases.

The essence of rulership and kingship is to have dominion and subdue. This invariably means that there are forces and persons who are at variance with the Kings agenda and positions. These contrary forces have a will on their own which does not agree with the status quo the King has ordained as order. To this end, there arises the need for dominion; to take by force and cause to subject.

It is a simple question: what is the essence of dominion if not to challenge the odds, subdue them and overcome? There is no need for the ability and mandate to dominate if there are no adverse forces to deal with……this is the simplicity of wisdom that pays tribute to demand and supply. The world with its systems daily demand of us to exercise authority and to that demand, the Father has given all supply in the person and name of Jesus Christ!

We have all authority to dominate under the Lordship of Jesus Christ!

A striking realization hits the careful student of the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In all these accounts of the walk of the son of man, a panoramic view is presented with such clarity, it is nearly impossible to miss the monolithic theme and force that characterizes all the narrations…..from which we distil the truth concerning the essence and reason of the incarnation and the cross and the resurrection and all this business we call salvation: A kingdom…the kingdom of Heaven has come to be established under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and this political force has as its governing assembly, the church.

It is set on a path to take over completely the darkness that passes for the governing systems of this world currently. Soon, the curtains will draw to a close on this melodrama between light and darkness…the forces of darkness having been defeated by the entrance of light will come to be finally destroyed and with such force as human history has never reckoned, the sense realm will be consumed with the realization of His Lordship……Jesus Christ will shine as never before….the entire creation will cease to groan as its desire will have come to fruition. To this end, history in its entirety is being rushed towards. With one final stroke of the brush, the grand eternal purpose of Heaven will come into climax…



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