The Idea of Justice

Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven. [Colossians 4:1]

I have only recently realized how strong a theme this ought to be in our bid, as Light, to change the “climate of the world” we live in. I think the Christian should be the “champion of Right” in our society. I ask the question all the time: Where is the Christian virtue in the seams of our policy drafts? Where is the heavenly ideals in our public virtues? Where is justice in the dealings of our government? What ought to be the response of the Children of Light to the flagrant incursions of injustice on the terrain of our society?

Do you see?

Our calling as Light is to partner with the Holy Spirit in lifting up men from Darkness and translating them into the Kingdom of Light. That is first. Second priority is to influence, with the warmth and lifting rays of Light, the moral and social climate of the world we live in. We can and should instill heavenly ideas and ideals into the moral, social, economic frameworks of our society.

We should bring the fragrance of Heaven’s Wisdom to remove the stench emanating from the dunghill of man’s philosophies gone so wrong. The pursuit of Justice (as embracing right, righteousness, equity among other heavenly ideals) must stand as a core objective in our quest to influence this world systems with the “fragrance of the age to come”.

Where are the children of Light in this age of darkness?
Let them rise up and shine!



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