what truly has power to change a man?

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. [Colossians 3:16]

The Word of God is alive and full of the wisdom and power of God. The calling in Christ is to oneness in fellowship with the word of life. It is opportunity to be intimately sophisticated with the word of His Grace. Therefore we must heed the invitation of the Holy Spirit to fellowship with Him in the Word. We must avail ourselves to be taught by Inspiration himself to the end that the Word of Christ will dwell in our hearts richly.

This Word of Christ is that which communicates the tangible reality of the Kingdom and Lordship of Jesus. It communicates Grace in its fullest reach, Wisdom in its infinite dimensions; Love in its soundless depths. The man who separates himself, by desire, to fellowship with the Word ultimately awakens to its all – consuming and conquering power. For nothing truly has power to change a man but the Word of Christ!

It is the indwelling Word that makes impact in a man. It is that Word understood and assimilated and built into a person that truly transforms. The word must take permanent residence in our hearts and minds. It must rule in all sovereignty in us….that we may be able to walk consistent with it always!

It is out of this fountain of abundance in our hearts that we “teach and admonish others”…and sing with grace in our hearts to the Lord. How wonderful the expression! How truly poignant it is when we lift our hands and worship with songs borne on wings of grace from the depths of our heart!

This is the how we overcome always…for the word in us causes us to respond with that powerful “it is written” when we are tempted by the deceptions of Lucifer. This is how we walk in peace and joy always…for the words of Christ indwelling in us ministers these treasures of grace to us always! This is the how we walk in Christ consciousness…for His Word in us is Christ in us! Glory to God!

I yield to the tutelage of the Holy Spirit and the Lordship of the Word! Hallelujah! I am filled to overflow with the Words of Christ!


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