The Light of Truth

Truth – the fullness of it – is not found in any man as it is constituted in Christ. In Him, there is a light that shines illuminating the darkness of man’s spirit and lifting him up into the sublime realms of divinity. This is Reality. The man in fellowship with Divinity breathes in the divine fragrance and is indelibly transformed from the inside out. He exhales divinely inspired thoughts, words and actions.

Suddenly the humdrum themes of this fallen world cease to hold sway. It is joy, peace, righteousness in the Holy Spirit! Suddenly thirsts of old indescribable in the garbs of ineffability are supplied with satisfaction….again and again with rapturous alacrity. No other will suffice but Him!

This is the power of truth. This is the glory of the light in Christ. I believe that any man who is exposed to this light will acknowledge how pleasant it is to his eyes…how warm its radiance…how resplendent its brightness…how truly sublime its ability to enlighten and cause our hearts to awaken to higher planes of reality!

What else should capture our hearts but this? What else should fill and propel our desires but this? What else should we make the pursuit of our lives but the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus! O what a beautiful name! Let us rise up from our slumber today and rub off the sleep from our eyes. Rise up O reader and welcome the invitation into the Light of Truth. Truth as it is fully consummated and communicated in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Ecclesiastes 11:7: Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.


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