have love towards the brethren!

And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.
[Colossians 3:14]

The unifying principle is love – Agape! It is the mortar that holds and harmonizes the seeming diversity of reality which make the building blocks of revelation. It is the garb that covers and makes beautiful the body of Christ when it seems there is naught but vile and repulsion. Agape is the transcendent principle. It is the only realm within which perfection in the life and nature of Divinity can be truly seen, grasped and mastered unto tangibility. It is the only chord that can bind unto perfection! Selah

I believe the times call for the sons of God to walk resplendent in the outshining of agape. I believe it is not agape to disparage brethren in the body of Christ because of some infirmity or posture they have. I believe it is not agape to constantly pursue means which end in more divisions in the body today. It is not agape. It is not of God!

We must pay attention to the plain instruction of Scripture. The Holy Spirit tells us to have love towards the brethren! Colossians 1:4. This is the banner we ought to walk under constantly as members of the body of Christ. This is the how we ought to relate one to another…Agape must be the undergirding power in all our interactions! Selah

A man cannot give what he does not have. God does not demand of us to walk in expressions of agape that we are not endowed with. He has said for us to put on agape….let us reach into the treasures of Grace and lay a hold on agape and put it on. That we may found properly dressed all the time…that we – the Church – may “stand united, singular in vision…” Philippians 1:27 (the Message).




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