hid with Christ!

For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.
[Colossians 3:3]

Child of God,

You are dead to the world and its principles through the cross of Jesus and now you are alive to the plans and purposes of God! Your life is of God. Sourced from Him. Energized by Him…hidden in Him!

You are dead to sin. You died on the cross with Jesus. That nature of sin you inherited from Adam died when Jesus died – and you in Him! You are alive today because of the miracle of the glorious resurrection; a reality as real in you as the physical world…yea, even more!

This new life and nature has placed you above the realm of victimhood. You are not a slave to the influence of sin. No! No more! Now you trample the influence of sin, darkness and Lucifer beneath your feet. Now you can say to that dark influence- “Thus far have you come, But hitherto no further”- and sin is paralyzed in its tracks…darkness is dispelled…Lucifer is bound. He can’t advance. He retreats. Before you, sin and darkness is defeated! This is the reason you can live the life removed from the stains and influence of sin, darkness and Lucifer.

The evil one has nothing in you; for you are in Christ!



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