Do you choose to focus on me?

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.
[Colossians 3:2]

Let us say Yes Lord! And let us focus on the thrones set before us by the Father; let us be stirred by the heavenly vision of Him beckoning us to take the seat of joint heir ship with Christ. Selah. For indeed this is the “thing above” that our affections must be set on!

He tells us in Romans that we are joint heirs with the First Born.
He tells us in Revelation that we are Kings under the King of Kings…that we shall rule with Christ on the earth forever!
He tells us in Thessalonians that He has called us unto His Kingdom and Glory.

He tells us that we are His ecclesia…His governing assembly…we shall rule the nations for his Name in eternity.
He tells us that these are the things that must consume our hearts with desire; posturing us rightly and propelling us with zeal in this present life.

I have heard His Spirit whisper…in the ears of many sons and daughters he has whispered- Occupy! Occupy till I come! We cannot truly do so without this heavenly vision: the revelation of the risen Lord seated on the throne of God and bidding His time…till all His enemies be made His footstool….till He come again. Selah

May this truth stir you to set your affections on things above!

Glory to Jesus!


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