great light shining, great darkness shackling

Perhaps like no other dispensation in the history of time, this our age records the most widespread deception in the face of the most glaring of all lights. It epitomizes the paradox: great light shining, great darkness shackling.

Into this mist, the ceaseless beams of God’s light shines; constantly illuminating this our age…constantly striving with many hearts and minds seeking to unshackle men from the fell clutch of darkness. Yet it would pass today for seeming verity that the grip of darkness has tightened over the multitudes. Selah

Both men – in Adam and Christ – have fallen asleep in the glaring light of the sovereign word of God. This simply ought not to be so. However, the sure word of God echoes true, ringing with ethereal harmonics of hope and love and reality, to every beating heart….to every thirsty land, the King has proclaimed that all be bathed in the light of truth:

“Bathe the land in the light of Truth; let it soak through and through till all is drowned, consumed in its utter brightness.”

This word is sure and true from the living lips of the King of Kings!



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