Faith and Reason

I believe in a certain constitution of man. I see reason in myriad observations for its veracity. My faith in this peculiar reality of man’s constitution does not make me bereft of reason. In no way is my mind diminished to observe, theorize, critique, articulate my worldview with discretional tolerance or parley in discourse with the so called enlightened thinkers who denounce the Deity I call Father. I do not see a dichotomy when I function in faith and reason. No! Not at all!

I have found out that the one is embossed in the other….the one is embraced in monolithic oneness by the other. There is no variance. There is no disparity…the one does not disparage or denigrate the other. For I see that the both as gifts – bestowed on men- that man should be better and properly positioned to dominate his world in every sphere…in every meaning of the word! Selah

Hence our exploration of the Inspired Writ is guarded by a critical eye, an open spirit…a discerning mind! We seek and find answers to the questions: Who is Man? Why is he here? What abilities does he have? Why is the state of man’s world today? Where is the course of man’s history terminating? Who is the man Jesus Christ? And why is he central to the history of man?

What is reason? Why was man bestowed with such an ethereal gift? Does reason drown the cause for faith in the Divine Oracle? Does it not? How can we function within the realm that breaks the dichotomy between faith and reason; and instead amalgamates the two into sharpest focus – two edges to a sword…even the sword that pierces darkness and brings in the light…the sword that commands reality!

These questions I contend are worth considering. And then, I say that the brightest light on these questions can only be seen through the fused lens that recognizes the singularity binding faith and reason.


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