I concur…

I concur that the greatest ability is to communicate the depths of Truth to a yielding heart…even an unyielding one. There is no ministry as glorious as this…to usher Adam into the wellsprings of Life in Christ OR to feed babes with the living bread from above! There is no greater ability than this for the Minister of the Gospel to walk in. For therein is our remit as ministers – to take of the riches of His Grace and Glory, and pipe the supply to men in need! Praise God! What a call! What a life! Glorious beyond words! Selah

I believe in the Word of God. I believe in the place of meditation. I have seen visions of this world lying in the grip of darkness…ensnared in the agenda of the evil one…held captive by the prince of the power of the air. To such a need, I have seen the supply; we are the Kings supply! We are the light commanded to shine “out of and from within” the darkness…paralysing its power…releasing light to shine! O what a vision!

Mighty God, my heart has opened itself to receive the revelation of Your Person and Oracles. There is nothing that moves me as deeply as Your agenda for man. I am consumed from the inside out. My being explodes with the soundless depths of Truth. O Father, Your Word has become my ecstacy; I am thrilled beyond measure! How exciting it is to be found in my Liege’s service!

Glory to God in the highest!

I realise there is no theme as touching as the unveiling of the love-heart of the Father throughout the tortuous history of man. Such consistency of Agape reaching out…such glaring intensity of Agape undergirding the divine intrusion into the world of man! My heart pounds consumed at the revelation. I keep searching for words to sculpt this impressive monolith my spirit has discerned. Selah.

I have found my ultimate pursuit: to be fully constituted with all of the Oracles of YHWH.

Thank you Holy Spirit!


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