Who is man? [of the fall and transgression]

Who is man?

III. Of the fall and transgression.

As Lucifer beheld the majesty of this “son of God”, he was enfeebled by the fiat of God he had heard. For God had said that man should multiply and fill the earth. Lucifer found himself trembling at the portrait of an earth filled with ” god-men”. He trembled in fear at His judgment to be finally executed by man.

For since his rebellion, the Divine Counsel had decreed that His final judgment and execution for the crimes he perpetrated against the government of God and indeed the entire created order, was to be meted out by man. Lucifer saw in Adam his final destruction and trembled.

As the corruptions of Death continued to marr his being and make concupiscence of his mind; Lucifer hatched an idea. It was in the depths of the grip of death and in the shuddering rigors of fear that he realised something. He saw Eve.

She was the loveliest being to behold. Her pulchritude was trans- angelic. Her spirit was pure…the fragrance of it sweetest. She was the apple of Adams eye…bone of His bone. Flesh of His flesh. The companion at the side of Adam to execute all the mandate of God. She was beautiful.

She was the only way to make Adam transgress God’s command. And Lucifer came to that knowledge. Lucifer knew this. He had found Adam’s kryptonite.
With a surge of alacrity previously lacking before, Lucifer bent all the powers of His mind to hatch the greatest deception of the eons. The plan was detailed to the last bit. He covered all the angles. He found Eve apart from Adam and succeeded in deceiving her to disobey the command of God.

As she stood before Adam in the nebulousness of sin, Adam’s heart was smitten. He knew what she had done. He knew what will befall her. He knew what will befall him if he also joined her in transgression. For divine inspiration tell us thus: that Adam was not deceived unlike Eve.

And yet seeing with his God-like vision all the aftermath of sin, Adam proceeded to transgress! The reason could only be one. She was flesh of his flesh. bone of his bone. blood of his blood. She was his Love and Adam because of his Love for Eve, joined her in transgression.
And thus it is writ in the annals of the Kingdom:

Adam has fallen
The god of the earth reaches
has forfeited life
He has become a slave to death
His throne in the second heavens
Usurped by Eve’s Deceiver
The fallen Angel has become the
” god” of man’s world!


So we see Adam’s fall and his throne of authority usurped by Lucifer. Today, Adam is the king in exile who has been spoilt by his captors- Lucifer and the influence of darkness; Sin; and Death. Adam has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus shed on Calvary…Adam has need to be saved fully by the life of God! Selah. Romans 5. II Corinthians 5:19

It must be noted here that the fall to the sense – ruled realm of the flesh has created a distortion in the ability of an unregenerate man to truly grasp and harness the full spiritual potential of himself. For the unregenerate man who even breaks through that veil, the spiritual authority he enlists is that of the adversary Lucifer, that poor defeated fellow. This happens to be the experience of multitudes today; they stand stupefied in the delusions of Lucifer and fail to break out of his grip. It is only the gospel that has power enough in its communication of God’s grace to break through the stone walls of the enemy’s fortress and set the captives free. Such Grace is Almighty….it is stronger still!

And then we see Jesus! The last Adam. The second man. In whom man is restored to his rightful place as prince-regent over the earth and its reaches. Jesus Christ! What a beautiful name!
Thus there are two kinds of men today. The one very distinct in terms of spiritual constitution and location from the other; chasms apart in terms of spiritual authority to execute the original mandate to have dominion.

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