Who is man? [of spiritual functional anatomy]

Who is Man?

II. Of spiritual functional anatomy

Man is Spirit. He has a soul. He lives in a body. This is the true anatomy and constitution of man.
It would be difficult appreciating the history of man outside the limits of this reality. For man was created in the likeness and image of God; to look like and function like Deity. Man is created to function in the word ruled realm of the spirit; he is created to rule by exercising spiritual authority in a physical world. Thus his particular composition; spirit and body.

Man is spirit inhabiting a physical body, which is his actual home that gives him legal right to function in the earth. The body needs no definition. It is that aspect of man that was made from the “dust of the earth”. It is that which we see with our optical eyes and have made extensive studies into in the scientific arenas of medicine, physiology, anatomy etc.

The “spirit” of man on the other hand presents some difficulties. As it cannot be appreciated with the tools of the “senses”, any knowledge of its nature, purpose and functioning must be gotten from the enclave of the Divine Oracles unveiled only in Jesus Christ. There is no other place that can provide the appropriate answers. No! No other.

The spirit of man is his true self in the eyes of God. It, like the flesh has “spiritual senses” akin to the senses of the flesh. Such “spiritual senses” include the like of the mind, the emotions and the will of man.
The contemporary Christian world has come to call these “spiritual outlets” the “soul” of a man. Selah

It must be highlighted here that what distinguishes one “spirit man” from the other is his soul. Thus looking at men in Adam….it is the mind and will and emotions of individuals in Adam that distinguishes them apart. Thus we can categorize men in Adam and say that one is wicked and that one is evil and that one is nice. These conclusions, we draw, because of the expressions of their spirit captured in the themes of their words, thoughts and actions.

In the same way, we see this principle in the new man in Christ. The new creation is righteous in his spirit and is as perfect as Jesus Christ is today in his spirit. I John 4:17.
The reason there exists a gulf of difference between the Lord Jesus and any other new creation is simple: the mind of that new creation man does not yet carry all the light of truth that righteousness shines out. Selah. Thus it is a matter of ” saving the soul” (I Peter 1:9) by feeding on the Word to effect a total transformation of mind, will, desires, emotions…to embrace and reflect the perfection of Christ. Selah.
I am constantly amazed at the fact that it is only the “Word of God” that can “divide asunder the spirit and the soul” for in reality the two are so intimately bound as the physical senses are to the flesh. Selah.

Thus we conclude that the outward expression of the spirit of man is his soul.

When a man gets born again in Christ, his spirit becomes new. It becomes righteousness in Christ. His mind, emotions and will…his soul have need to be transformed by the Word of God to be aligned with the mind of God in Christ. Romans 12: 2. His body stays the same as that of the man in Adam until the Kings advent when it will be transformed. I Corinthians 15: 37-58.



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