Who is man? [of origin and mandate]

Who is man? 

1. Of origin and mandate

Man is the being to whom the counsel of God at the Highest Heavens has mandated the governing of the earth realms. It must be said here that the earth realms comprise its heavens, the physical domain and the dark reaches of its belly. All these domains are the jurisdiction of man to govern. They were given to Adam. Man is earth’s rightful king. Selah.

A careful study of the first and second chapters of the book of Genesis reveals volumes on the divine mandate of man. God said….” let them have dominion….” Dominion over whom? Dominion over what? There is no way that mandate was legitimate and credible if there was “no thing to subdue”.
To have dominion is to rule something or someone that intrinsically has a will of its own which is at variance with yours.
Such was the context and background that framed the words of God.
In this mandate is revealed the presence of Lucifer and the influence of death and sin already at work in the world. To these captives of God’s judgments, Adam was mandated to rule. Selah.

Adam, before the fall, was innervated by the pristine uncorrupted human life. He was a divine being. Capable of fellowship with the fullness of Deity. Cloaked in the very light of God’s Grace and Glory. Enlightened with the Word of God. He was the “god” of this world. His spiritual seat of authority was the “second heavens” for the first heaven and its regent had been cast down and sealed under judgement. Selah

Man was created by God. Man was created to look like and function like God. He was made and crowned with one purpose: to rule this world. Remnants of this mandate remain as embers in every human being. This is the reason every human being feels that poignant sense of injustice when he is a victim to the vicissitudes of this life. We feel we deserve better- by right of being human. We, in our subconscious deem it our birthright to live our existence on this plane of life without disease, poverty or injustice. The reason we feel so is because of that divine mandate that was declared. God created man to rule. Any form of existence short of this manifestation unleashes upon man a strong sense of injustice!

The pathos to the injustice in our world today is intense. The sense of it is overwhelming in our social stratification, economic distribution and political expressions. We look to men for the answers and rightly so! The question is not whether we should look to man. No. That is not the point to be debated. The crux of the matter is the determination of the kind of man to bring balance to the injustice ubiquitous in our generation.

What kind of man can look at the social, economic and political injustices that plague our day and solve it without himself becoming crippled and corrupted by its darkness? Herein lies the crux of the matter. For there are two kinds of men today. The one different from the other in both inner constitution and outward expression. There is the man in Adam and there is the man in Christ.

It is my utmost conviction that the answers to the world’s problems in every endeavor lies at the foot of the latter man. It is only in the new man in Christ that God’s original mandate for man can be truly executed and tangibly realised.



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