“Occupy till I come!”

The greatest threat to the church today is not found in the assaults of atheism against it or in the prophecy foretold corruption it suffers at the onslaught of the hordes of Lucifer. The greatest threat the church faces today has to do with the fact that for many called into its glorious fold, only a singular few have reckoned and awakened to the divine realities spelt out in its glorious realm. 

Many, having been translated into this heavenly location in Christ, have proceeded to do the most insane thing by falling asleep in the midst of the ceaseless beams of light flooding their hearts. This is the greatest threat the church faces in this dispensation; this dearth in reckoning the reality of their call and new birth and new life in Christ. It has produced Christendom out of the church; it has leavened the whole lump so much that now this life we have in Him, in the hearts of many, has come to be caged by religion.

I believe today, more than ever, the Father heart of God calls and longs for fellowship. Fellowship, with them that carry His nature, in the pure bond of Love; fellowship in the warm embrace of His Infinite arms……I see our Father’s heart weighed heavy by the terrible ignorance of many children of God; an ignorance that has eaten into the very core fabric of reality for many, immersing them into a sea of deception.

To this state of affairs in the church, the times call for an awakening….the Father calls for an awakening! There has never been a more dire need or a greater thirsting……a desperate groaning by the life-battered creation calling out for the manifestation of the huos of God! And for the few who will to discern; the Daystar stays hidden beyond the horizon eagerly awaiting the time, which should be soon, when He shall intrude this physical realm…..descending from the heavens with a shout and with the multitude of the saints to bring into fruition the consummation of our salvation.

For in reality, the clarion call can be heard crystal clear as the curtains close on this transient reign of time. The signs cannot be misleading. I hear the sounding salvos of the defeated army as it gathers the last remains of its ability for a penultimate onslaught; it shrieks out a deafening harmonic…..forces full of rage beyond description unleashed……On the ground, at every battle station the command from our King is singular and simple: Hold! Hold! Occupy till I come!

Is His Body prepared? Is His Bride ready? Is His Church awaiting His embrace? …..are you?


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