Purveyors of His Grace!

The Father’s preparation of His ministers is key to their having an impact on this world.
There is many an emptying and then a filling again. There is many a repositioning in spiritual posture; in mental framework… many  a re-orientation unto honed perfection.
The objective however remains ever constant: that the vessel may be furnished with all the skill and knowledge to execute all the purposes of God: “…that the minister of God may be perfect and thoroughly equipped unto every miraculous work”

The training is arduous and necessary for the one who must bear witness to the “glorious gospel of the Blessed God”. Thus we must submit in obedience to the tutelage of the Helper.

The impression has been made strongly upon my heart that seeking to influence and cause a tangible change in men by ministering the gospel of grace; and achieving such results, is a miracle. It is miraculous. That we are purveyors of such change…such miraculous happenings. Glory to God! Partners with Him in the vineyard of men! Selah

I burn daily with desire that the church shall be consumed and persuaded and faithful to this call for which Christ has seized our hearts. The need is great. We have located ourselves in its realm of supply; not as them also in need. Nay. But as them lifted from need and placed in the glorious realm of supply. We are the conduits through which Heavens Grace and Gifts is piped to men. We are purveyors of His Grace…we are His ministers.
May we, in wisdom, seize opportunity as it presents itself ,many times in the guise of contention, to supply!

Glory to God!


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