Our position of advantage against darkness

And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.
[Colossians 2:15]

This is a motif we have highlighted many times already. However it bears need for repetition because too many today are not properly oriented and have not awakened to the gamut of the victory Jesus accomplished for us on the cross.

We are surrounded by too many church folk who honour the power of darkness more than they do the power of light. Christians who suggest…even say…with their words and actions that “Darkness is stronger. Grace is strong yes! But darkness seems to be stronger”. They spend more time fighting the devil in “prayer” than they do building themselves up in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. They do so because they are convinced the devil is a “strong man”. They forget that this strong man has been bound and defeated and his house spoilt by the Lord Jesus Christ! They betray a lack of understanding into the reality unveiled in this scripture.

Do you?
When you think the Devil has a say in your life more than Papa God does…you deny this plain testimony of scripture. When you fear and quiver in uncertainty at the slightest assault of darkness on the terrain of light, you vacillate on the verity of this victory.

The devil is a defeated poor fellow today. He does not have the authority or wherewithal to stand as an effective threat against the new creation. He has been stripped off his abilities by Jesus…together with all his hordes of darkness. Today, all he relies on is deception. He lies and insinuates and makes unreal things appear as truth. But we are not ignorant of His devices. We are not deficient of Wisdom and Insight. Thanks be to GOD!

Today, we stand in the light of the victory of Jesus for us and we contest every claim of the devil or darkness with the sure word of God. We paralyse his hand and agenda in the name of Jesus; and bring to naught all his plans and purposes by the power of the Holy Spirit. We spoil his house in the mighty victorious name of Jesus! The Devil is beneath our feet. We keep him there….we keep him subdued because the first born thoroughly defeated him. We are “delivered” from his power in the name of Jesus!



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