The Question of Reality

The quest for reality is arguably the oldest race of mankind since the fall. The fall was from the word ruled realm of the spirit to the sense ruled realm of the flesh. Since then, man has been tutored by His five senses. Thus in defining reality, man has found repose in the fickle parameters of the five sense. Reality to most men is constricted into all that the five senses can identify and capture.

Outside the fickle dimensions of the five senses, all that remains do not register as reality, to the “sense ruled” persona. And what’s more, the parameters of the five senses are so subject to change they have created a world of subtle falsehood that many, particularly in Adam, respond to as ultimate reality. These are in the like of hallucinations and delusions; they are all products of the sense realm brought forth because of its incredulous tendency to deception.

This fact, the arch fiend has taken advantage of, and has wrought in and with the world all manner of concupiscence for sin. It is staggering to the pure mind the extent of the ramifications issuing out from this fall to the “sense – ruled realm of the flesh”.

The basic question then is: what is reality?

The man who diligently searches the Word of God will stumble upon this Light: Reality is Spiritual!
Reality is Christ! Selah

The sense realm is limited in reckoning the infinite dimensions of reality. The man who only functions in the sense ruled realm of the flesh will walk in the darkness of deception with respect to many things simply because the bulk of the light of truth shines in the word ruled realm of faith.

To know truth and function in its light calls for the repositioning of man into the realm which the essence of truth is made of – I speak here of the realm of the spirit. For man is spirit. He belongs to and functions in the realm of the spirit. His blunted cognizance of only the sense ruled realm of the flesh is an aberration – an anomaly that produces such grotesque deviations from reality – it is the wellspring that has furnished all the decay and corruption sin has wrought in the world of Adam. This must change.
This aberration is remedied only in Christ by the miracle of the new birth.

Until the child of God reckons this fact and steps out to function in it, there will still remain the seeming irreconcilable contradiction between his experiences on one hand and the sovereign word of God on the other. It is the renewing of our mind by the Word, as we fellowship with the Holy Spirit, that truly reorients us to embrace the infinite dimensions of the reality in Christ.

All things we are in Him is real.

All that He says is real.

Our position in Him is real.

The question of reality is fully answered in Him.

Him Alone!


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