The Call To Serve

I believe it takes the inspiration of Deity for a man to truly appreciate the unmeasurable scale of events taking place currently…the move of all the King’s resources to meet the harvest…the move of the Holy Spirit seeking to prevail upon the hearts of men; seeking with unguarded passion the noble quest to capture the hearts and minds of men for the eternal King and His kingdom.

Multitudes stand stupefied in a death like trance within the grip of ignorance and deception. These throngs in the darkness…sleeping in the valley of decision; awaiting the greater influence that will prevail and win their hearts and minds. Who will prevail?

It takes the unveiling of the drapes upon the melodrama of Adam’s true state to see this panoramic view of lost souls wandering amiss and having need to be saved; men, caught up in the curse of Adam; daily breathing in death and yet consumed still by the desire for life. Who will supply? Who will answer?

God in Christ has made all supply available to Adam. God in Christ has made all the fullness of His Grace…all the majesty of His throne…all the beauty of his person available to man today. Many do not know. Many are still slaves to ignorance. Many are still asleep; shackled by fetters of darkness and deception. Who will tell? Who will proclaim the good news?

This is our vineyard! We are stewards of His Grace…we are his ministers! We are ordained to communicate life to death by our words; we are mandated to speak chaos into order by the force of Grace on our lips. We are instructed to harness hatred, sadness and despair and consume them in the unquenchable flames of the joy of the Spirit…drowning them in the soundless depths of His love.

We are appointed of Heaven to prevail in the name of Jesus!
We serve the purposes of His Lordship and Kingdom.
We are endowed with ability of the Holy Spirit to supply to men in need and bring the wisdom of God to answer the questions of this life.
We are propelled with zeal to preach the gospel. We tell all men of the infinite supply of God’s Grace poured out unto all men. We proclaim the Lordship of Jesus! We tell it faithfully!



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