Gospel Nuggets

Satan Is Defeated!

And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it. [Colossians 2:15]

Dearly Beloved of Almighty God, Jesus Christ already defeated the devil!
He got him whipped already. You have no reason to be fearful. The devil has been rendered powerless. Now all he has are deceptions, strategies and schemes. Refuse to fear!

Give the devil no place in your life because he is no longer a factor. In making your plans, do not consider him because he is under your feet. Exercise your authority over him and keep him where he belongs. The Bible declares that resist the devil and he will flee. Don’t try to fight the devil, just resist him and he will take off.

Refuse to sit idle and let the devil toy with your home. Stand on the authority given you in the name of Jesus and cast him out of your home. When the devil shows up and starts to plant seeds of discouragement and fear in your mind, actively get rid of him. Begin meditating on God’s word that says “be anxious for nothing”…“fear not”…“no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper”; and as you keep speaking these words, boldness will flood into you and rhema will be granted your spirit to declare God’s mind concerning that situation. Glory to God!

Remember this Child of God, we are not of them who give up or give in but of them who win always. Shout the devil out of your life and live victoriously!

Glory to God!


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