God IS!

Our world is a potpourri of ideas. Clashing and fighting and wrestling each other…contesting for the supremacy over the hearts and minds of men. This our generation is marked by these constant skirmishes that they have almost come to be reckoned as humdrum and ergo trifled with. Alas!

For indeed it must be a dirge when the times tell us that God isn’t and Man is all the reference we need. The theme song of our generation must be sad indeed if in the consciousness of so many, the Creator has been dethroned, and crowned in His stead is natural man; sophisticated in naught but the sophistry of folly he has weaved for himself. Interesting times. Perilous times. The time for Grace! Selah.

I think there is a truth universal that should shine in the consciousness of all men; which truth we can succinctly state thus: God is!

This Truth ought to be the arena within which we find all the dimensions that define our reality. This Truth should be the bedrock and foundation from which all our ideas, ideals, perceptions of reality and institutions are distilled from, created with and founded upon. We cannot do right any other way. For this Truth is the very right, and any other conception at variance with it will create as a corollary to its falsehood a system doomed for decay and set to abuse and inflict injustice on the sanctity of man.

This Truth is Reality.
This Truth is Christ…His Word, Kingdom and Lordship.

A man’s reality must needs be founded in Christ. No other enclave will suffice always. Only Christ! He is the eternal agenda; even the unifying principle for every body of truth…He is Ultimate Reality!



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