Do you reckon yourself a minister for God?

Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God; [Colossians 1:25]

Let us identify here with these words inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Let us say with him, I am. Let us deeply echo the present tense reality of our priesthood and stewardship in Christ…made possible by His death, burial and glorious resurrection.
Let us speak in agreement with the Father especially on this theme.

Let us say, I am made! Let us plunge into its soundless depths: …”made”- meaning designated, fashioned…planned with extensive thought and executed with daring skill and delicate finesse…”made” by Deity Himself! O Hallelujah! This truth draws from the riches of Ephesians 2:10 and echoes for eternity the lofty harmonics which sing: Instruments of His workmanship! Appointed to fulfill the Father’s heart desire…Mandated to execute the Kings decree! Let us revel in its enabling fervor every moment! Let us joy in its reality!

Let us say: “I am made a minister!” Thank you Lord Jesus! A minister! O such a glorious call…such beautiful colours to adorn with majestic splendour. A minister of God…a minster of His government…a minister of all the riches of His glory! The minister is the one appointed of God to communicate all of His fullness to men in need. He is the purveyor of all the riches of Divinity in all its glory and power.
Do you reckon yourself a minister for God?

“I am a minister”. His hand has touched my heart and now the need has become unveiled to my heart. I can tell the need for the multitudes in Adam to be born again. I can tell the need…I can hear the cry of the broken! For the call is to unshackle men from the fetters of sin and disease and death…I have found the Father’s heart and now I discern His agenda clearly!

We are His ministers! I Corinthians 4:1
To this clarion call, our hearts have resounded its response: we say yes Lord! Yes Eternal King! Yes Glorious One! We bow our knees in utter devotion to your will!

Today, in this time, in this place- wherever we find ourselves, we speak thus: we have shown up to do His will. We have received of the dispensation of the Grace of God for the world- to impart light to the darkness! To bring men into the mystery of the fellowship in Christ. O what a beautiful mandate! We make it our duty to bring in the fullness of the gentile harvest. We make it our duty to lift up the children of the Kingdom. We make it our duty to fulfill the Word of God!

Let the ministers of God rise up and do their duty in this generation!
Let us take our place!


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