Change your World!

Scripture – the counsel, wisdom, inspiration, strength and direction distilled from the light of the Word of God – is relevant in our daily walk on this fallen plane. Every day, this cosmos of darkness presents opportunity for the children of the Kingdom to shine the Light and dispel the shadows and bring glory to the King Jesus Christ!

In that need you identify and are passionate about, the supply is in you…step out and shine! Let your flame have an impact; let your presence make a difference!

In that injustice you see ubiquitous in many spheres and find yourself seething with rage over; you are the called to bring the King’s Justice in Truth and Love!

In that cultural spiral you see in your nation…your continent…the whole of humanity; you are the called and anointed and appointed to revolutionize this worlds system at such a time and place as today.

Our mandate is to bring heaven- its glorious wisdom and ideals- to intrude this realm and make a difference in the lives of multitudes. To this we must respond in the words of David:  “Lo, it is written of me, I have shown up in a time like this to do your will.” Selah

We are ambassadors!
We are the sent ones!
Fear is disabled in us!
Doubt is drowned in the zeal of His Grace.
Uncertainty is lost in the anchor of Agape.
Needs are deluged in His supply!
Helplessness is disabled. Our place of authority in Christ is displayed!

O child of God! Dare step out of the boat and change your world!



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