Our Union with the FirstBorn

And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.
[Colossians 1:18]

…the Head

Jesus is the Head of the Body – His Church. This reveals our oneness with Christ. We – the members of the church – are connected to Him. We have become members of His very flesh and bones. Ephesians 5:30.

Therefore we share in the heavenly heights into which He has ascended. For the Head is not separated from His Body. If we reckon the Head seated on the throne of God far above all powers and principalities, then we must also reckon the body – His church- seated with Him. If we reckon the Head as separated by zeal unto the accomplishment of the purposes of God, then we must see His Body – the church – separated unto the same end. We must see the power and authority vested in the Head is that given to His Body – the church – to share in; we must acknowledge this reality and confess them with our lips and express them in thoughts and actions!  Selah.
Let the church of Christ heed the call to awaken fully to this mystery of our union with the Firstborn. Let us come to truly walk as one. One Body. One Church under One Head! Selah.

…the Beginning…the Firstborn!

Referring here to the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of the Second man. The first man became sin by transgression, the second man is righteousness by divine birth.

In Jesus, God’s grand eternal purpose found accomplishment. His desire to head up all things in one man found fruition. And out of that fountain head of Grace, multitudes of children of God have found expression…bringing in the first fruits of the new order.
The beginning of the eternal purposes of God made tangible…the beginning of the new species of man endowed with ability to subdue darkness and death and sin…the beginning of the new order: sons of God who shall reign with the Firstborn for eternity. Selah      

This is the truth we discover in Christ.
In the light of this revelation, we give him all the preeminence. We declare He alone is worthy! We bow our knees and lift our hands in worship to the Lord who alone is worthy…who alone deserves all the Glory…that in all things He may have all the preeminence!

Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!


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