He holds all things by the Word of His Power!

Colossians 1:17 And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.

Let us dwell on the second aspect of this phrase: “and by Him all things consist”. This means He is the reason the world is held together as it is.

Material men, I am fairly certain, are still wondering at the “miracle principle” that “binds the void” and keeps the “basic elements” from spiraling out into entropy and destruction. According to their theories, they must recognize a missing factor…a stabilization and unifying factor that must account for the “holding together in synchrony of the material world”.

I know what it is they can’t place their finger on.
I know whom it is they are searching for. Scripture tells us that “…He holds all things by the Word of His Power!” Glory to God! It is in Him and by Him that the entire universe and all its intricate and delicate systems are held together in functional synchrony. He is the Unifying force that holds all and binds the void. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ!

O that we will truly awaken to this reality; for therein is the cure for the ubiquitous dichotomy of thought and worldview suffered by many a child of God. They cannot see the overarching unity…they don’t understand the bond between the seen physical world and the unseen spiritual realm. They lack understanding into the hierarchical order and superior positioning of the one over the other; therefore they cannot see the one reality.
May light shine into our hearts, dispelling the darkness and flooding our consciousness with Truth.
In Jesus Name! 


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