…making men see!

Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:  
[Colossians 1:15]

In the second man Jesus Christ, we see all that God is and possesses. It is only in Jesus Christ that God can be seen and truly received. Jesus is the light that makes manifest to man the reality of the Invisible God. For God dwells in the Light to which man has not the senses to discern. However, in the light from the face of Jesus, we can discern and awaken to the realities of the person, authority and kingdom of God.  

Light is that which makes manifest. The ability of a man to see…and the shades to which a man’s eyes can differentiate reality is entirely dependent on the type of light (primarily determined by its source) and the kind of senses (spiritual or natural and how exercised these senses are…i.e. honed with knowledge) that a man is endowed with. There is a light from the sun that bathes the physical world during the day and makes manifest a myriad of realities. Then there is, by comparison, the inferior light of the moon; which also reveals realities at night- limited by the might of its source.

Then we see, the light from all the natural wisdom of man – to which science is the champion in our age – and we see how far it can push back the boundaries of that which is real and can be made real to our consciousness.

Then we see Jesus Christ! We see the light commanded by His presence. That light that makes manifest to our hearts the reality of the Fatherhood of God, the reality of the fallen world of Adam, the reality of that unseen spiritual world to which we belong and from which we ought to function…In Him we see the reality of the full load of the divine weight of glory and power!  

Since the fall of Adam, it has fallen on the senses of man to discern and define reality. Of all the senses of man, it is the eyes whose malfunctioning is sorely felt. Even so it is in the spirit. Blind spiritual men suffer the highest casualties. But we know today, the Light that is shining out of the darkness…its brilliance commanded by the presence of the King of Kings! This Light which is the Life of men…which touches and continues to touch ALL men that come into the world. This Light which ministers in every heart and makes manifest to every heart the image of the invisible God even Jesus Christ! Making known to men the mercy and love of God…making known to all the will of the Father…even that all may come into fellowship in the son and embrace the Fatherhood of God!  

This we preach…Him we preach! Jesus! The discernible reality…the image of the invisible God! We make men see, in this Light of Grace poured out to all men today. We make men see!   Selah


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