Truth is absolute. It is consistent with every manifestation of itself….not distorted when viewed through the lens of time, not warped or twisted when announced under the varied dispensations that mark God’s dealings with men….Truth is absolute as it is uttered from the lips of Deity. Selah

Truth is dispensational…and thus we say “progressive”. This is reality from the vantage ground of finite beings. We grow into the fullness of Truth as it is made “wholer” and fuller to our spirit every day. This is the brightness of the light shining. Increasing in intensity everyday…at work in us!

Such light unveils to our hearts the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Such light tells us of higher divine realities and floods our consciousness to such a deluge that we are propelled to function consistent with the truths unveiled by the light. Such is the power of revelation! Praise God!

The light shines today. But not all men pay attention. Thus far some see. Some, but not all. Some partially. Some more fully compared to others. But the light shines. Illuminating. Enlightening. Bringing to us the “sophistication” in the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus. Awakening multitudes!

I realise that a man cannot give what he does not have. This is principle. To demand of someone something he does not possess will not make him possess that which you demand. This is why today, the counsel of the Holy Spirit instructs the church to see…that we may make others see also! The children of light ought to awaken to the full knowledge of the truth and dispel every mist of darkness hidden in tradition and “unfounded” in scripture. O that all men come to see Jesus as He is today; to see Him in the light of His accomplishments for us…to comprehend the reality of His accomplishments for us in death, burial, resurrection and ascension to the throne of God…to be consumed by the ceaseless beams of light emanating from the “empty” cross today…praise God!

To this end the light shines today. We thank God that men are seeing. We thank God that men are responding. We are awakening as the light floods our consciousness. We reckon the power in the Gospel. And we endeavor to make it known…telling men faithfully as we “ought to”!



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