What is the objective today?

Delineate the times and iniquity shall never be found in you
It is the Lord who has set the seasons
The seals meticulously arranged and systematically broken to unleash kairos,
As revealed in the Apocalypse.
Now it behooves His ministers to discern.

Every dispensation comes with its stated objective from the King
The highest mandate must be clearly defined
What is the objective today?
The highest goal to which the ministers of the King must bend their entire prowess

The Voice of the Lord has spoken
The Gentile Gathering must be fully accomplished
Then we hasten His Parousia
As we gather, the Instructed Huos must further equip
With the Light and Endowments of the Kingdom

Authority in His Name
The power of the Helper
Absolute Obedience to His Word
Agape! Selfishness peeled off and drowned!
Loyalty to Our Liege Lord and His Cause
Instruction in heavenly governance as equipping for the celestial age to come

These are themes that must constantly furnish our thoughts and tongues with words
Thus declares His Voice in visions to His sons
May we find ourselves His instruments of Righteousness
Even now and always!



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