Essence of the Season

Essence of the Season

A sweet fragrance captured the World
The fragrance of Divinity wrapped up in the likeness of frail humanity
A fragrance of myrrh and frankincense
Of death and resurrection
Divinity had come to be enshrouded in Humanity
A new beginning had come

Centuries of sleeping prophecy
Brought to life by a rocking cradle
Hope shined out of the darkness of death
Life to revive a fallen race
Hope to the World!

Time has chimed on since
Drawing shadows even closer to the advent intrusion
The stirrings of a Heavenly Reality becoming flesh
His Kairos withstands all the ravages of Time
His Monolith stands truly Eternal
See the Divine Motif UNveiled!

From Cradle to the Crown
From Incarnation to Advent Intrusion
From Darkness to Light
From son of man to Son of God!
Behold the Son Given!
His name is Jesus Christ!

Hear the cry of the infant in Bethlehem
Hear the yearnings of all creation rise
Hear the sounding salvos of the vanguards of Light
Hear the ethereal harmonies of angelic songs
Hear and Awaken!
For behold! The King returns! 


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